Case study on how we ranked a crypto project on DexTools

Case study on how we ranked a crypto project on DexTools

Realizing a clients major marketing goal in 72 hours!

Some months ago we got in touch with a marketing manager of a semi-serious crypto currency which decent potential to gain a market cap of 20 million or more, when considering where they stood compared to their competition.

One specific challenge this client was facing, was time. The lack of time to be exact. In order to be awarded the job of helping our clients with various marketing activities, we had to prepare for a big upcoming announcement within 72 hours of our initial contact.

The client wished to gain exposure on major crypto websites during their mainnet launch. Mainly, by having a prominent position in the trending coins lists on Dextools as well as Coingecko.

During the 72 hours, we quickly struck a deal and got to work with our team. We were happy to announce that within 50 hours after our initial contact, we were able to deliver our client the requirements.

Ultimately, the client gained significant exposure and a steady increase in their coins value, which was the main purpose of the campaign.

The client has since then bought various other services from us, mainly focusing on upvotes and regular exposure on several crypto websites.

If you are interested in a similar solution, don’t hestitate to contact our team today! We are happy to assist you.

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