This page provides you with a brief overview of questions and answer we’ve received from clients, which we’ve answered.

What kind of services does NathanJonesPR have to offer?

Our various services are listed on our services page. We offer many different services.

What pricing can I expect?

Pricing depends on various factors. The more services and the greater volume you are considering buying, the better pricing we can offer. Our services are competitive across the industry as we don’t have any large physicial offices we are working from, but a flexible, remote team spread across the globe.

Who is behind this service?

We will soon release more details about our team! Our team is spread across the globe and has been into crypto since 2015. We have been offering various marketing services since 2010, and focused on crypto marketing services during 2020. NathanJonesPR.com is now our official website from which we offer all our services.

What restrictions does NathanJonesPR have in terms of clients or projects?

Our services are useful for a variety of services. The most value we can add to upcoming crypto projects which are currently ready to enter the market, but are looking for the proper exposure to their target audiences.

What are the requirements to sign up and take advantage of your offerings?

We only work with legit, serious crypto projects which have somewhat of a legitimate, useful project with multiple team members. We have decided not to work with one-man show pump and dump type of coins.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer various. You can pay by bank wire, crypto (of course) and even PayPal upon request.

What’s the maximum upvotes you can deliver?

We can deliver an infinite amount of upvotes, however, we recommend keeping it limited to the top average upvote count. This is due to safety and security measures.

Can this get my listing banned?

While we have a 0 ban rate with our service, anything is possible. Manual bans occur from time to time, and it’s best to start the service once your token community is active.

How can I purchase, and is there proof?

Contact us on Telegram via our Contact us page. We offer proof beforehand for all clients.

Are there any refunds provided?

Generally, we do not provide refunds. Under rare circumstances, refunds are provided if the issue comes from our end.

How long do upvotes take to deliver?

We have a variety of speeds you can choose from, or simply choose our default (which is the safest).